Gender Dysphoria

The Cause of Gender Dysphoria is not fully understood. A recent report from Dr Hilary Cass, President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health on puberty blockers make a number of points which the M E A welcomes.

Gender identity is multifactorial and gender atypical behaviour in children is common and normal. 

A significant number of children suffering gender dysphoria are on the autistic spectrum  or suffer from other mental health disorders.  Gender dysphoria often does not continue into adult life.

The report was into 378 children on puberty blocking drugs. Drugs used to treat children with gender dysphoria are “off label” and lack sufficient basis in research.  Later cross sex hormone treatment and ultimately surgery may be offered.

There is a long established and well researched use for some sex hormones given in diagnosed deficiency disorders, and these should be continued.

The M E A does not agree that children already on puberty blocking drugs should continue for reasons of research. This is contrary to standard ethical considerations for medical research.

Further legal consideration is needed into the use of puberty blocking drugs in children