Medical Ethics is a rapidly developing field, not only because of scientific progress, but changes in society. The Medical Ethics Alliance seeks to provide a forum in which ideals and values can be shared within and without the medical profession. It looks to the Hippocratic tradition and its post war reaffirmation, The Geneva Declaration, for inspiration. We are committed to affirming the humanity, dignity and rights of all people. We are open to the contribution that can be made by world faiths to medical ethics.

Through our links, you can also reach other medical and nursing bodies committed to human dignity and traditional values.  If you are interested in joining us, please pass your e mail address to the secretary and you will receive regular e bulletins. you  can contact  us at

For any wishing to receive written information, and details  of conferences, a postal address and annual fee of £15 is asked. Cheques to “Medical Ethics Alliance”. Address P O box 240, 79 Friar St.,Worcester, WR1 2NT