Statement of Islamic Medical Principles from the Islamic Medical Association/UK

Doctors should do their best to preserve and protect the life of the patient  The intention should always be pro-life and all actions should reflect that Food and fluid is a basic need for all people and it is the right of every patient. It is not allowed to withdraw food and fluid at any time except when the body is in the process of dying and food and fluid can not be used by the body. Food and fluid is a basic need and not medical treatment.  read more Safe, effective pain killers can be used to alleviate suffering. Children or adults with disabilities have equal rights to life and ethical medical treatment, like any other patient. It is forbidden for any doctor to take any step to hasten the death of the patient ( active/passive euthanasia and assisted suicide) are forbidden in Islam. Doctors should respect every patient as a human being, as well as his/her religious wishes. During the dying process, it is may be right to withhold medical treatment but palliative care, i.e. keeping the patient comfortable and pain free should always be given”

Dr A Majid Katme Spokesman;Islamic Medical Association/UK