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Care of dying children and adults. Ethics, principles and issues for law reform

For an article settling out the challenges of recent high  profile cases involving children, along with an analysis of what  is wrong with  the law, look External link opens in new tab or windowhere.

Consent for Organ Donation.

A legal  briefing by  on Organ donation is available here

Consent for Organ Donation after Death

16th February  2018

A current government consultation is taking place on consent for organ and tissue donation after death. It concerns a proposal for presumed consent and closes on 6th March. See, External link opens in new tab or window Most people who are likely to be affected have little awareness of this consultation but the Medical Ethics Alliance offers thses observations. In the words of Pope John Paul II,   "We should rejoice that medicine, in the service of life, has found in organ transplantation a new way of serving the human family". It is clear, therefore, that it is good to ...    more 

The right to  food and water Written evidence to  the Joint Committee On Human Rights

External link opens in new tab or windowWritten Evidence submitted to Parliament


    (i)  The provision of food and water is a basic human need. No human being can survive without food or water. Avoidable starvation and dehydration in a medical context must not be overlooked or excluded from deliberations as an "end-of-life issue". Allegations of death by dehydration and/or starvation in NHS hospitals are a source of considerable public disquiet, yet worried relatives more

 Two  books by  our Vice-President Emeritus Dr Gillian Craig.

Challenging Medical Ethics 1 "No water - No Life, Hydration in the Dying"

Challenging Medical Ethics 2 "Patients in Danger; the dark Side of Medical Ethics"

ISBN-10; 09552840 07, ISBN-13; 978 0 95528400 07
"Food and water are essential for life, so those who withhold food or water are, in effect depriving more.....a person of life.  Yet some years ago , judges in their wisdom, decided that food and water, given by means of a tube, is medical treatment that can be withheld if the patient is permanently unconscious. Now patients with lesser degrees of brain damage are at risk of having tube feeding withdrawn with the result that they will die. Many people feel that this is morally wrong. .... read more   

The Medical Ethical Alliance response to the LACDP

September, 2013

THE MEDICAL ETHICS ALLIANCE, would like to offer the following statement as a response to the

Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People.

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Our purpose

The Medical Ethics Alliance

The M E A is a coalition of faith based and Hippocratic medical and nursing bodies which seeks to promote discussion within the medical profession and the general public on ethical aspects of medicine. It looks to the Declaration of Geneva 1948 and the Hippocratic Oath for inspiration.

The Hippocratic  Oath

The Hippocratic Oath is a centrepeiceof our values and belief.  read more

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