From the Medical Ethics Alliance

10 am. 28th April 2018


We offer our deepest  condolences and assurance of our prayers to  the parents of Alfie Evans who  died early in the morning of the 28th  April. Alfie's father wrote on Facebook "My gladiator lay down his shield and gained his wings... absolutely heartbroken."

With  the help  of his family and friends Alfie clearly showed his humanity. As we reflect  upon his life over the coming months we hope that  his humanity  will  continue to  inspire and lead others.

You  can see our statement released to  the press on the 24th  April  here.  Alfie's life and his passing from  that  life gives us all  much  to  think  about, to reflect  upon and to learn  from. For now,  May  he rest  in peace.