Press release Issued by  the Medical  Ethics Alliance on 30th  July 2018

In the light of today`s ruling by the Supreme Court that food and fluid , if delivered by tube, can be withdrawn from patients in the persistent vegetative or minimally conscious state without the agreement of a court, External link opens in new tab or windowthe Medical Ethics  Alliance says more here ; 

There is also a letter published in the Daily Telegraph on  3rd August  2018 by  Theresa Lynch  from  Pro-life nurses External link opens in new tab or windowhere

An appeal to  the British Medical Association:

An appeal was made to the British Medical Association in June 2018 for medical mediation in an attempt to  resolve conflicts between parents and clinicians over the management of very  sick  or incurable children. Read more here

Charter to Protect the Rights of Terminally Ill Children

The Medical  Ethics Alliance commends the Bambino  Gesu  Hospital  (the Vatican's children’s hospital) for it’s  charter to protect the rights of terminally ill children.  Read more here

Conscientious objection?

Declaration in suport of Conscientious Objection in Healthcare

 25th March  2018

Lord Alton has encouraged us to  sign up to Professor David Oderberg’s excellent declaration.  Prof Oderburg is from  Reading University. The Declaration in Support of CO in Health Care is at External link opens in new tab or window

More details here

Consent for Organ Donation after Death

16th February  2018

A current government consultation is taking place on consent for organ and tissue donation after death. It concerns a proposal for presumed consent and closes on 6th March. See, External link opens in new tab or window Most people who are likely to be affected have little awareness of this consultation but the Medical Ethics Alliance offers thses observations. In the words of Pope John Paul II,   "We should rejoice that medicine, in the service of life, has found in organ transplantation a new way of serving the human family". It is clear, therefore, that it is good to ...    more 

Conscientious Objection (Medical Activities) Bill [HL]

The bills was debated in Parliament  on January  26th  2018. with  strong suport from  the MEA you  can read Lord David Altons speech  here.

Catholic Bishops of England and Scotland 17 Oct.2017

statement on the 50th  anniversary  of the Abortion Act

We have the highest regard for every woman who, in difficult and adverse conditions, has made the courageous decision to continue her pregnancy and give birth to her child. We thank the charities, and those who donate to them, for their solidarity and support.


Statement of Islamic Medical Principles.

From the Islamic Medical Association/UK

Doctors should do their best to preserve and protect the life of the patient The intention should always be pro-life and all actions should reflect that Food and fluid is a basic need for all people and it is the right of every patient. It is not allowed to withdraw food and fluid at any time except when the body is in the process of dying and food and fluid can not be used by the body. Food and fluid is a basic need and not medical treatment.  External link opens in new tab or windowread more




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